Why us?

  • We work fast and if you have no comments we usually turn around in 5 days (thanks to having in-house team)
  • Our designers are experienced cartoonist. The finished products are reviewed by at least two people for quality control
  • We are available on chat 16 hours a day (the rest we are sleeping).

What are your shipping & delivery times?

Please see a separate section on this topic Shipping and Delivery

Can I provide more than one photo?

More photos can help get a clearer image of your subjects, the more photos the better.

How is the final product sent?

The final product will be sent to your email in a digital format when it’s complete. The image can then be printed, or sent to an official print on demand company for printing on t-shirt, mug, shorts, socks, etc. If you need assistance with that, drop us a message and we will help you with that help@turnyellow.me

Can I return the item?

All our products go through quality control. However, we have had two instances in our 6 years of experience that the client was not happy with the final product. We are always happy to make revisions, but we unfortunately cannot refund you for the product as we are barely profitable already.

Photo background

We can draw any type of background so please let us know what you want.

Do pets count as a person?

Pets can take more time drawing than people, so yes pets count as persons.

Any restrictions on the portrait?

By delivering the final product to you we also deliver all the digital and ownership rights attached to it, so there are not restrictions for you.

Can I request you a more customised version of the product?

Please email us and we will find the perfect solution help@turnyellow.me

Will I be charged for changes to my order after it's been made?

Details which are not disclosed in the process of making the images will be assumed by our company. Any changes after the final image is distributed might incur additional charges. Please remember that it is in our best interest to do everything possible to have a happy customer. Happy customers bring us more clients, unhappy ones can kill our business.

Is the final picture suitable for printing?

We deliver high quality digital image as a final product. It is absolutely suitable for printing!